Why study Human Nutrition and Diet?

After completing the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, I began to think about the reason why I decided to study this career. I have always believed that we are young at 18 to make the important decision to choose a single career among all the offerings that are found today. Although later we are not going to dedicate ourselves to that or yes… but we are already determining our paths without knowing if this is the correct one or not.

I personallydegree of human and dietary nutrition

I chose these studies because of all the options it was the one that most caught my attention, because it seemed interesting to me to know how what we eat can determine our health and how these foods undergo reactions within us, generating enough energy to stay active, move, and even make us happier. For this reason I decided to study Human Nutrition and Dietetics, because in addition to being a career that evoked immense interest in me, it is also a way out to be able to help in one way or another the people around us who want to be helped.

By this I mean treating different aspects such as a pathology, either digestive (such as an ulcer, heartburn or reflux) or a psychological pathology (an anorexia, bulimia, a binge eating disorder). I also include helping the fact of being able to alleviate the malnutrition that is so aggravated in many countries, poor and not so poor. And these branches, as well as other interesting ones, be they sports nutrition, child nutrition, hospital nutrition and even collective catering, all are fields with an excellent background since they all aim to benefit the body .

With all this I want to say that I am proud to say that I have studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Well, our job is to help people always trying to improve their health through food, since many times we do not give it the importance it deserves and this is because behind sad ignorance hides.

The problem in some places, and more so in Spain, is that the job offer is quite limited and more as things are economically speaking. For this reason, we must be clear about our values, not get carried away by fashions or innovative trends that are constantly emerging in the food market.

Actually, I can say little, because I am just a humble student who has just finished this degree and who has certain illusions to improve, even if only a little, the world of nutrition and contribute something although I still do not know what. That is, I know that the road will be difficult and now the real study begins, in order to improve this field like all the professionals who dedicate themselves to it and do such a beautiful work every day.

So as a future professional in this precious field, I want to encourage all people to start changing their ideals, to abandon grade nh ydabsurd prejudices that people have towards certain foods and join the queue of people who care about their health. That is, let’s all start to promote good eating habits, let’s improve our health, let’s improve our lives!

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