We are here because we have been invited. And very grateful.

Hi all,

I want to start my first contributions to this website with a presentation, a thank you, a justification and an apology.

As you can see, my name is Juan Revenga and I am a dietician-nutritionist , one of many. And this is, just like that, the presentation.

I say one of the many that every day leaves the skin trying to do what he has studied (and is excited about) his profession. It is not easy, or at least it does not seem so to me. We have to fight day after day with a society that does not know us too much, that on many occasions does not appreciate us, and also with other people who are professionals.(health or not) they believe that their knowledge and weight when talking about diet, nutrition and their relationships with health are as valid and sometimes more than those of professional dietitians-nutritionists. Therefore, initiatives like the one I’m participating with today seem like a great tool to reach more people and more professionals than perhaps, who knows, today they are at university studying and they don’t really know where they are getting into. So, my sincere thanks to those who today have decided to leave a space for me here to tell “my stuff.”

I mean my stuff because in all honesty, I am hardly going to be able to take the time to generate unpublished content on this page. Therefore, most of the time my contributions will consist of a kind of summary of my work in the last month in the media field, or at least of what I consider most interesting. In this way, anyone who is interested can access this content from a single site. Therefore these are my apologies and my reasons for ending my contribution here in this way.

So I start with the first summary for the month of September 2013 .

20 minutes

Compulsory daily writing on a blog ends up being stressful, perhaps for that reason the content is of heterogeneous interest, or rather depends on the recipient of said information. In any case, the most relevant or what in my opinion seemed the most interesting was …

  • Undoubtedly end the “Mediterranean saga” of seven chapters, a self-imposed “pending subject” that had a server on the origin and development of the Mediterranean dietary construct, its curiosities, vicissitudes and how it has come to become the “Monster” that today most of the population knows. You can consult all the chapters in this link .
  • The story of an absolutely real personal anecdote that offers one more sample of how they eat the jar … or not in Bread and ice cream on any given Sunday
  • The mess that a large part of the general population makes with the labeling in How can you get fat with a food with few calories and a lot of sugar?
  • Absurd and “wonderful” new dietary proposals in Orochronodietology and other ominous tongue twisters
  • The controversial entry about my opinion regarding the reality of Tele Cinco “Don’t be heavy” in ‘Don’t be heavy’ a bad approach from Telecinco
  • The paradox of “naturalness” or of home origin in clearly industrial products in Son croquettes home because it puts it in the box
  • The circumstance of having a BMI greater than 25 or even 30 and being a metabolically healthy person in Can you suffer from obesity and be healthy?
  • The eternal debate on whether dairy causes mucus in Dairy products do not increase mucus
  • An entry that had a very good acceptance was that of this tool to find out What foods have more … and which of them are vegetables …?


We started the month with the news of that study that ventured a relationship between intestinal flora and weight status … and they gave me a mini-interview on ‘Es Radio’ in the program ‘En casa de Herrero’ (minute 17:45)

And I finish with the collaboration with the program ‘SER Consumidor’ of the ‘Cadena SER’ . This first participation as a collaborator focused on the issue of organic food , in the form of a post and an intervention in a debate together (or in front of) the professor Mª Dolores Raigón (minute 16:50)

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