The financial remuneration of registered dietitians and dietetic assistants in the UK

Many Dietitians-Nutritionists with the intention of practicing in the United Kingdom have been interested in the professional salary and if it is financially worth so much paperwork and preparation.

The answer to this, although it is still a personal answer and from experience, is yes.

Now we are going to see official data in a more objective way.

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In the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), wages are regulated by scales known as (bands). They range from 1 to 9 and within each scale there are different points or levels that represent two annual salary increases, one for seniority and one for fiscal year.

To develop this article, data from the current fiscal year April 2016- March 2017 will be used) available at the following link .

The salary also depends on the workplace. This is known as a high cost area supplement (HCAS). This salary increase only applies to jobs in and around the London area.

The salary increase ranges from 5% (a minimum of approximately £ 960) for jobs located in the suburbs) and 20% (approximately a maximum of £ 6,400 pounds) for jobs located in the central area. These percentages are applicable to each scale and to each level within the scale.

In the following link you can find more information.

What would be the salary of the Registered Dietitian

The salary of a recently graduated dietitian would start on a 5 scale with a starting salary of £ 21,909 outside the London suburbs. For all those working in London, the annual gross salary for the same scale level 5 could range between £ 22,870 – £ 28,314.

As the Dietitian gains experience and professional competencies he opts for positions with greater complexity and clinical responsibility, being able to exceed £ 82,000 gross per year for higher positions.

What would be the salary of the Nutritionist / Dietetic Assistant?

Dietetic and Nutritionist Assistants : it will depend on the job title but can generally start at scale 3 and progress as they increase their skills.

They can also enter directly into positions corresponding to scale 4.

In these cases the salary would be £ 16,800 for band 3 at the entry level and £ 19,217 for a position belonging to a scale 4. The increases per high cost area would be applied equally.

In the following link you can see all bands and their levels as well as the increase for high cost areas


All positions offered by the NHS are listed on the website ttps: //

Doing a quick search, including job type and location, will bring up a list of jobs related to the search.

In the list you will see a basic description of the position, including area, salary, type of contract and duration of the registration period.

It is in the salary, where the scale and the supplement for high cost area are specified .

The following examples are intended to illustrate the differences in salaries based on scale, specialization and location as they appear on the website :

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