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More than 5000 terrorists are lying on the border, a nefarious plot to infiltrate under the cover of firing

Jammu. The LOC and border shelling have been intensified by the Pakistan Army. The main objective of the shelling is to push terrorists into the Indian border. In Poonch and Uri sectors, several houses have collapsed due to Pak shelling. Incidences of infiltration are believed to have increased tremendously.

According to officials, Pakistan wants to push large numbers of terrorists towards it. They say 5-6 thousand trained terrorists are waiting for LOC and infiltration across the border.

According to defense sources, the Pak Army is firing heavily on the Jammu and Kashmir border. While the LOC is raining bullets, mortars are being fired in areas along the international border. Poonch and Uri sector are the biggest hit due to shelling. Twenty-two animals have been reported dead. According to officials, targets of Pak bases are harming them due to civilian targets.

According to defense officials, the Pakistan Army is doing this to push the terrorists towards themselves. They say that between 5-6 thousand terrorists are waiting to infiltrate into Indian territory on the borders. According to him, in order to repel these terrorists, the Pak Army is firing at the borders to divert the attention of the Indian Army and the goal of this shelling is that it is targeting civilians so that the Indian Army has to fight on many fronts simultaneously. On. .

Officials say the Pak army wants to leave the remaining traditional routes and infiltration routes after snow falls on the border mountains. It wants to push terrorists into the Indian border under the cover of firing. This is the reason why the Pakistan Army is confusing the Indian Army by adopting a policy of covering fire. However, the Indian Army is fully prepared to prevent any such incidents.

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