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IOC releases 5 kg LPG cylinder ‘Chhotu’

new Delhi. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has named its 5 kg LPG cylinder as ‘Chhotu’. The company gave its information on Friday.

This small cylinder of IOC is easily available at various sales centers. It is available from IOC petrol pumps at Indane LPG distributors, grocery stores. This cylinder can only be taken by showing the identity card. For this, there is no need to show identity card etc.

In a brief virtual event, IOC Chairman SM Vaidya released a 5 kg ‘Chhotu’ cylinder sold at market price, the company’s release said here. This cylinder will be available nationwide.

This 5 kg small cylinder is very popular among the low income group people and youth. Professionals who live alone and who do not have the money to buy traditional 14.2 forts cylinders. This cylinder is heavily used between them.

IOC says that this new name will be liked among the customers and now it will be easy to buy a 5 kg cylinder with their name.

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