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How long will India-China dispute over LAC? S Jaishankar said- I will not predict

new Delhi. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday that India is being tested in a 7-month-long border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh. He also expressed confidence that the country would meet the challenge of national security.

Describing the ‘developments’ on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh as ‘extremely disturbing’, Jaishankar said that whatever happened is not in China’s interest as it faces the possibility of losing credibility in India. Which was developed with great prudence in recent decades.

He said that these developments have caused some ‘basic concerns’ as the ‘other party’ has not complied with the agreements respecting LAC (Line of Actual Control).

When asked at a session of the annual meeting of the Federation of Indian Commerce and Industry (FICCI) whether the deadlock on the Sino-India border would be prolonged or there was hope for any success, Jaishankar said that I would not express . Like the forecast. Will it be easy to do or not and what will be the time limit?

Jaishankar said that the events of this year are very disturbing. I think the real danger lies in losing credibility, which was developed with great care and caution.

He said that but I would also say that yes, we are being tested. I am confident that we will meet this national security challenge

There has been a standoff between Indian and Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh since May. There have been several rounds of military and diplomatic level talks between the two sides, but so far no results have been achieved.

Jaishankar said that I also believe that what has happened is not really in China’s interest. Because whatever happened, it greatly affected (public sentiment) in India.

He said that both sides had done a lot of work to develop the relationship. He said that the events of this year are very disturbing, he has created some very basic concerns because the other party has not followed the agreements about honoring the LAC and not bringing military forces on the LAC . .

When asked about the proposed trade deal with the US, Jaishankar said that there were very serious negotiations between the government and the Trump administration to resolve trade issues.

He said there were very serious negotiations between the government and the Trump administration to resolve trade issues. Both sides opined that differences should be resolved before proceeding. The country’s minister said that there has been much discussion about the proposed deal.

“I certainly hope that once the (Biden) administration comes, we will have a serious discussion,” he said. I know that our ministers are very focused on this, and this is something that is very important on their agenda.

When asked about the outcome of the US presidential election, Jaishankar suggested that relations between the two countries would continue to expand. He said that the India-US relationship is now at a ‘different level’ and cooperation in security and defense will continue to be its major aspects.

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